How to Setup an Instagram Business Account?

How to Setup an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram is a powerful social media platform that can bring in customers, advantages, profits and more. It is one of the most popular social media platforms used by people of all age groups, all over the world. It is thus a thriving platform for businesses to reach out to their target audience and expand their horizons.
Using your personal Instagram account for business purposes is not as beneficial as an Instagram Business Account. As a business owner, an Instagram Business Account will help you market and sell your products. Today of the nearly 400 million Instagram users joining in everyday, a whooping 70% follow businesses. It is thus a platform that is rich in opportunity and outreach.


  1. Setting Up your Instagram Business Account:


– Download the App


All social media platforms, including Instagram are easy to setup and use. The very first thing you need to do is download the Instagram Application. It is available for free, for both iOS and Android users. Unlike most platforms, Instagram only functions via the mobile app and no other means can be used.


– Email/Username


Using your desired email address create an account. You can use your email id or even login using your Facebook account details. You can also set up Instagram business account without Facebook to protect your personal information and avoid direct linking between the two platforms. The best is to use your official business email address. You now to have create a username- the name you want people to recognize you by. The username you use on Instagram must be the same as other social media platforms.


– Basic Information


You will now be asked to upload a profile picture. Using the brand logo or a generic picture that depicts your products is suitable. The profile picture appears in a circular form, so choose a picture accordingly. You then need to fill out other basic information. Enter you business phone number so people can reach you and find contacts from your other social media pages to invite them. Since this is a business page it’s always best to first upload a few posts before inviting people to join you.


  • Business Information


Since this is an Instagram Business Account all relevant information regarding your business must be clearly indicated. This includes your contact information, website, etc. that can help people see you as a real business that can be reached out too.
Your Instagram Business Account is now set and ready to use. Using call to action for every post and understanding the use of Hashtags will help you increase your customer base. There are many different ways to get more people to follow you. When you are posting something pay a lot of attention to the description and the pictures. Since Instagram is largely a visual medium, make sure the pictures are of high quality, attractive and are able to highlight the products you want to sell. The description should clearly mention all the details like price, size and fabric for clothes, material for other products, etc.
The primary thing to remember is you can’t expect people to follow you unless you do. Follow and engage with as many people as you can to drive them to your page. Using relevant hashtags and follow people who are interested in the hashtags relevant for your business.


  • Instagram business account cost


An Instagram Business Account can be set up using the free application. There is no extra Instagram Business Account cost that you need to incur. Yes, this includes free analytics too! It’s probably one of the most effective marketing and promotional platform for a business at absolutely no cost!


  • Instagram business account without Facebook


If you wish to keep your Instagram and Facebook account separate you can do that. It’s not mandatory to link your Facebook and Instagram account and both can effectively function independently.


  1. Instagram business and personal account


If you are an existing Instagram user and confused about switching to an Instagram Business Account, you have two options: You either operate separate Instagram Business and Personal account or switch your personal account to a business account. If you are someone who actively uses Instagram as a means to connect with friends and people and share personal pictures, keeping your Instagram Business and personal account separate is preferable. This way you can also promote your business page via your personal page.


  1. Switching business accounts


If you do not want the hassle of managing two separate Instagram accounts, the option of switching business accounts is better for you. All you need to do is using your personal account, go to the settings scroll down and first switch to ‘Public account’ a business account cannot be private. Then click on ‘Switch to Business Profile’. Yes switching business accounts is that easy and simple.


  1. Instagram business account benefits


Here comes the best part! You may still be considering the pros and cons and the need top make the switch. Well, here’s a list of Instagram business account benefits to help you take that decision:
  1. It’s free and that includes free analytics that help you understand your customer base.

  2. It’s a simple, effective and easy to use platform to further your business goals.

  3. You can give access to your customers to get in direct touch with you. You can give them multiple contact options like phone, email and even directions to your physical location.

  4. You receive powerful insights via the analytics that help you understand the impressions made, most effective posts, gender breakdown of followers, demographics and a lot more.

  5. It allows for simple but effective promotion of your business and gives you the chance to connect with a very large target audience.

  6. You can ensure high quality content using the insights, thus ensuring a better turnaround.

  7. It brings in better flexibility and a high potential for growth for your business.


  1. Optimize your Instagram profile


Optimizing you Instagram business account is about creating a strong and impactful profile. Everything starting from your name, contact information, call to action, posts, quality and hashtags contributes to optimizing of your Instagram profile. Location tagging your posts and using the insights to your advantage will help you optimize your Instagram profile to match your business goals and reach out to your customer base.


  1. Instagram business account analytics


Analytics help you understand your audience better. With Instagram business account analytics, you will know your best and least performing posts and thus understand what content works better, in your favor. More importantly, you can better engage with your audience. Instagram business account analytics include the following parameters:


  • Total number of impressions created in a week

  • The Top 7 recent posts by you

  • A detailed report of the impressions, engagement and reach of the top posts in the past (weekly, monthly, trimester, half yearly, annually or bi-annually)

  • A better understanding of the time of day or the days of a week that your followers are most active on Instagram

  • Gender and Age breakdown of your followers

  • Top Demographic and Location of followers

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